Do you know one of the most crucial and special phases in a woman’s life?

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As it is one of the essential phases in a woman’s life, it is necessary to take extra care during this phase so that it goes smoothly!

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Learn more about medical care during pregnancy and its importance by reading this article!

So, first, let’s understand the importance of medical care during pregnancy.

Why is medical care during pregnancy necessary?

To have a smooth pregnancy journey, prenatal care becomes essential. Prenatal care ensures that every woman has a smooth and safe pregnancy journey without any obstacles and reaches her desired destination of motherhood safely! But all journeys can’t always be smooth and perfect, right? 

Sometimes, a woman does encounter some obstacles in the journey of pregnancy! But don’t worry, with early identification of the barrier, the obstacle can be successfully overcome! After all, identifying the problem is the first and most crucial step towards the solution! And that’s what prenatal care does!

It helps one take the first step by identifying obstacles or issues in pregnancy, thus helping one get closer to solutions and farther from obstacles! 

Therefore, prenatal care ensures that every woman has a beautiful pregnancy journey and successfully reaches the destination where they give birth to healthy babies! Yes, prenatal care is the path to a healthy mother and healthy babies! It is the key to “healthy pregnancy and delivery“!

One of the most frequent questions every pregnant woman has is “What happens during the gynecologist visits?”

Do you also have this question and are curious to get an answer to it?

Then here you go! Dr. Shweta answers your question as she believes that knowledge and awareness help one prepare for the pregnancy journey that also includes the gynecologist visits and are crucial to having a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy journey without any anxiety or stress! 

According to the leading gynecologist in Malad, knowledge and awareness are the first and the essential steps that need to be taken to begin the beautiful journey of pregnancy!

Dr. Shweta Shah, the best gynecologist in Malad, says that pregnant women’s blood pressure and weight get recorded at checkups and visits. 

The gynecologist also measures the shape and size of the uterus starting from the 22nd week on-wards to check whether the fetus is developing and growing correctly.

You will also provide a urine sample during one or more of your visits to test protein and glucose. Glucose screening will be done at around twelve weeks if you have a greater risk of getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

And if not, you will be tested for diabetes at twenty-four to twenty-eight weeks. You will be given a sugary liquid to drink and have blood drawn for a blood glucose test after about one hour. If a high blood sugar level is detected, more testing will be done to confirm whether you have gestational diabetes. You will also have prenatal tests done in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters to check for specific issues in a fetus like chromosomal issues, etc. The gynecologist doctor in Malad may also suggest doing blood tests and ultrasound.

Now, let’s know,

When do these gynecologist visits happen?

Dr. Shweta Shah advises that one should schedule the appointment with their gynecologist during the first six to eight weeks of their pregnancy or when their period is two to four weeks late.

After that, if you are healthy and have no health issues and complications, you can schedule an appointment with your gynecologist every four weeks until the twenty-eight week of pregnancy. Then, every two weeks until thirty-six weeks and after that once a week until delivery.

And in case you suffer from medical issues such as diabetes or face any complications during your pregnancy journey, don’t worry! In such cases, it is always advisable to consult with your gynecologist. With the help of the gynecologist, these issues can be easily taken care of.

One of the major fears that women have during pregnancy is gaining weight!

Do you also have this fear?

Relax! Gaining weight during pregnancy is completely normal! Most women gain around twenty-five to thirty-five pounds during pregnancy, which is normal! But if you gain more weight or are concerned about being overweight, you can deal with it by eating healthy foods rather than going on a diet. 

The proficient gynecologist recommends that women add around three hundred calories to their daily intake to keep their babies healthy. Your diet should include proteins and more vegetables and fruits. Dr.Shweta may also prescribe a prenatal vitamin to ensure you receive sufficient calcium, folic acid, and iron. To keep your weight in control, you can also do low-impact exercises regularly.

Following a healthy diet and exercise not only helps one manage their weight during pregnancy but also are crucial steps to reach the destination of a healthy pregnancy.

What other steps need to be taken to achieve healthy pregnancy?

Other than following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, the other steps that can help one reach the destination of healthy pregnancy include the following-

  • Avoid smoking
  • Say no to alcohol
  • Avoid drugs
  • Take proper rest
  • Avoid taking medicines that can have a negative impact on the development and growth of baby
  • Avoid taking high doses of vitamins or specific herbal supplements.

It is crucial to take the above steps to have a smooth pregnancy journey and reach the goal of a healthy pregnancy! These are the steps to reach the destination of a healthy pregnancy.

So, now that you know what happens during the pregnancy journey and the importance of prenatal care, what are you waiting for?

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