Delivery in Malad, Mumbai


Dr. Shweta Shah, one of the best gynecologist in Mumbai, has extensive skills and experience of more than ten years performing normal and surgical delivery. She aims to achieve the most suitable and safe delivery method, be it normal or C-section. 

Delivery is the process of one or more babies leaving the uterus via vaginal delivery or C-section.

Stages of Delivery

Labor is divided into four stages. Early labor and active labor are included in the first stage. The baby travels down and out of the birth canal during the second stage, which lasts until the infant is born. The placenta is delivered at the third stage, which occurs after the birth. The first few hours following birth are the fourth stage.

This is the first stage. The uterine muscles begin to tense (contract) and then relax. These contractions thin (efface) and dilate (open) the cervix, allowing the baby to enter through the birth canal.

The first stage is divided into three sections:


The first contractions are frequently irregular and last less than a minute. The early stages of labor can be unpleasant and can last anywhere from a few hours to days.



Contractions become frequent and forceful, lasting about a minute. It's time to visit a hospital or a nursing center. Contraction discomfort can range from mild to severe.



The cervix will open. If there are no complications, the baby should be ready to be born.


Second stage:

The cervix has wholly dilated, and the baby has been born.


Third stage:

After the baby is born, this stage begins. Until the placenta is delivered, you will experience contractions.


Fourth stage:

It includes the first few hours after a baby is born.