Pediatric Gynecology is a sensitive field and subject. The reason is it deals with children.

As adults, we still are aware of gynecological problems and have a basic idea about them!

But what about our children? 

In this innocent childhood age, gynecological issues are completely new and strange for them!

They are unaware, and thus experiencing such issues is very discomforting for them!

In the age of fun and play, experiencing gynecological problems is indeed challenging!

In the age where children play ‘doctor doctor’ as a game, going to a doctor in real and that too for gynecological issues isn’t easy, right?

Most children in Mumbai go to a doctor because of external wounds or common cold, cough, and fever! Going to a doctor for gynecological issues is rare in Mumbai, which makes the matter more discomforting for kids living in Mumbai.

Isn’t saying “I have a fever” easier than saying “I have problems in ovaries or my vagina”?

Most of the children in Mumbai are unaware of what an ovary or vagina is, and getting issues related to them may make them so clueless and confused!

So, it is vital to support children during such times and be there for them!

As it is a very sensitive issue, it is essential to hold your little one’s hand and not let them feel that they are alone!

It is crucial to understand them and their problem, but most importantly, to make them feel comfortable and remove their anxiety and discomfort!

Dr. Shweta Shah, an experienced gynecologist doctor in Malad, Mumbai, does just that! Through counseling sessions, she develops a rapport with kids, makes them feel comfortable, and removes their anxiety! Counseling sessions are an essential part of her treatment plan.

Though pediatric gynecology is a sensitive subject and dealing with something which is rare and you are not even aware of is challenging, you need not worry about anything if Dr. Shweta Shah is your gynecologist!

Dr. Shweta Shah, a renowned female gynecologist in Malad, Mumbai, is expert at dealing with kids and gynecological problems experienced by them, including menstrual problems, vaginal pain, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian cysts, etc. She deals in a very caring and gentle way.

The first step of her treatment is conducting counseling sessions with the little ones to understand them and make them feel comfortable!

During these sessions, she may ask kids questions such as,” What are your hobbies?” She may ask them to talk about their interests and subjects that interest them!

How does this help?

This helps build a rapport with kids and helps reduce their discomfort and anxiety!

Only when kids feel comfortable with the doctor will they feel comfortable sharing their problems with the doctor!

As mentioned earlier, it is easy for a kid to say that he has a fever or cold, but it isn’t that easy to say about a gynecological problem! In fact, it is discomforting!

So, building rapport with kids becomes very important for kids to open up and seek the courage to share their problems with the doctor!

Once they feel comfortable and open up and share their gynecological issue with the gynecologist, the gynecologist will be able to understand the problem and provide the proper guidance and treatment!

Our gynecologist listens to children patiently and empathetically. She also makes them aware of the gynecological issues. Ignorance is the primary reason for anxiety. By lightening the lamp of knowledge and awareness, she disappears the darkness of discomfort and anxiety!

Also, the proficient and top gynecologist in Malad performs pelvic examinations under anesthesia. The child feels more comfortable and less anxious. And the procedures to resolve the gynecological issues, which can include laparoscopic surgeries, removal of ovarian masses, etc., are performed in a way that the child feels no or minimal pain during the procedure! The doctor ensures the child’s whole treatment journey goes smooth by always following the two Cs, i.e., ‘comfort’ and ‘care’!

She handles everything in a gentle and caring way. She ensures that the little ones feel comfortable throughout the treatment journey!

So, is your child suffering from a gynecological issue?

Don’t worry! Visit Dr. Shweta Shah, the top gynecologist, and obstetrician in Malad.

With the help of her support and guidance, the challenging and discomforting phase can be made into a smooth and comforting one for your little one!

With her care and effective treatment, your little one will soon be able to overcome the tide in her life!

Your child’s happiness is just a visit away!

We care for your child the way you care for her!