PCOD is a condition in which women produce excess male hormones called androgens. September is dedicated to the condition called PCOD. It is the PCOD awareness month. Okay, but why an entire month dedicated to PCOD?

That is because PCOD is a very fatal condition. It causes pregnancy issues, weight problems, and can also lead to depression. It can lead to severe consequences. The severity of the condition is what has led an entire month to be dedicated to PCOD.

This article talks about PCOD in detail and answers some of the common queries related to PCOD thereby creating awareness about the condition called PCOD. One can also defeat PCOD by seeking help from the best gynecologist in Mumbai– Dr. Shweta Shah.

What causes PCOD?

The common causes of PCOD are genetic factors and a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle that includes lack of exercise and unhealthy food increases the risk of PCOD.

What are the symptoms of PCOD?

The symptoms of PCOD are different for different age groups.

But some of the common symptoms of PCOD experienced by most people suffering from PCOD include the following-

  • Weight Gain
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Acne
  • Heurism
  • Pregnant women face problems conceiving

Are you suffering from any of the above symptoms?

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What diet should a PCOD patient follow?

If you are suffering from obese PCOD, then keeping a check on your diet is very important. The experienced gynecologist in Mumbai advises avoiding consuming sugary and junk foods. It is recommended to have more home-cooked food. The doctor recommends PCOD patients follow a diet routine that includes heavy breakfast in the morning and lighter meals in the evening.

Which exercises are recommended for a PCOD patient?

You can do skipping, walking, running anything of your choice as long as you sweat and are consistent in your exercise and do not skip exercising.

Is PCOD a permanent condition?

Yes, PCOD is a life-long and permanent condition. But do not get disheartened! Though a person cannot get rid of PCOD, one can treat and reduce the symptoms and severity of PCOD in the following ways- 

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take medications prescribed by your gynecologist

How does PCOD have an impact on pregnancy?

In PCOD, the ovaries of a woman produce a higher amount of male hormones called androgens. This causes problems in ovulation and pregnancy. And thus, women suffering from PCOD face problems conceiving.

Is it possible for women suffering from PCOD to have a healthy pregnancy?

Yes, women suffering from PCOD can surely have a healthy pregnancy by following a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t only be followed before pregnancy, but it should be followed even after you get pregnant.

How are PCOD and diabetes-related?

PCOD patients experience insulin resistance which in turn triggers diabetes. The main function of insulin is to convert glucose into energy. But due to insulin resistance, insulin does not carry out its function properly which leads to an increase in glucose levels and diabetes.

Thin people do not suffer from PCOD. Is this a myth or a reality?

There is even a type of PCOD known as lean PCOD. People who are thin and lean suffer from this kind of PCOD. Weight is not an issue in this kind of PCOD. Higher androgen level is what causes lean PCOD in most cases. In fact, lean PCOD is more difficult to treat compared to obese PCOD as losing a little weight can do wonders in the case of obese PCOD but this is not the case with lean PCOD.

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