What is a Pap smear?

Who needs a Pap smear?

How often is a pap smear needed?

How is a Pap smear carried out?

This article provides answers to all the above questions and talks more about a pap smear.

What is a pap smear, exactly?

A pap smear is a type of screening test used to detect cervical cancer. It aids in the detection of malignant cells on your cervix (opening of the uterus).


Who needs a pap smear?


Every three years, all women over the age of 21 should receive a pap smear test.

In the following situations, the need for a pap smear test increases:

• If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV,

• If you have a weak immune system

It is advisable to visit the best gynecologist in Mumbai for a pap smear test.

How frequently should a pap smear test be performed?

The frequency of a pap smear depends on factors such as age etc. A pap smear test is not required for women under the age of 21. Women between the ages of 21 and 65 should have a pap smear test every three years. Women above the age of 65 may not require a pap smear test. A pap smear test is not required for women who do not have a cervix or a history of cervical cancer. If you considering going for a pap smear test in Mumbai, you would be interested to know about its procedure.

You would be curious to get the answer to the question- What is the procedure for carrying out a pap smear test in Mumbai?

A pap smear test requires you to lie down on your back with your legs apart and your feet supported by stirrups. A device will be inserted into your vagina by the best gynecologist in Mumbai. Then, using a tool, a brush, or both, a sample of your cervix cells will be obtained. This sample is then transferred to a lab where it is examined for abnormal cells. This procedure is painful, but it is effective. If the discomfort lasts longer than a day, make an appointment with your doctor in Mumbai.

What do pap smear test findings mean?

A pap smear test can result in one of two outcomes:

• A normal pap smear: This implies no abnormal cells were seen. The results of the test will be negative.

• Abnormal pap smear: This indicates the presence of abnormal cells on your cervix. This may not always imply that you have cervical cancer. There are various sorts of aberrant cells, some of which are mild and others that are more serious. The best gynecologist in Mumbai may increase the frequency of pap smear tests based on the results of the test. If you have the HPV virus, your pap smear test will likely be positive, increasing your chances of developing cervical cancer. When you have intercourse, your chances of contracting the HPV virus increase. It is recommended that you use condoms when having sex to lessen this risk.

Pap smear test findings are extremely accurate. By using a pap smear test to detect the existence of cervical cancer cells, one can receive timely treatment and avoid further issues. As a result, pap smear tests help to prevent cervical cancer by detecting the abnormal cells on the cervix early. That is why, for women aged 21 and up, a pap smear test from the best infertility doctor in Mumbai is required every three years.


A Pap smear test is done to detect the presence of cervix cancer cells. Though painful, this test saves one from bigger problems by detecting the abnormal cells on the cervix early which helps in getting timely treatment. Just like medicine is bitter but makes our condition better from bitter, the same way a pap smear test though bitter(painful), helps in making our condition better and prevents it from getting bitter. Bitter is what leads to sweeter outcomes. So, a pap smear test from the best infertility doctor in Mumbai is essential to save you from the tides of tomorrow.

Are you 21 years or older?

Then do a pap smear today from the best infertility doctor in Mumbai for a better and not a bitter tomorrow! The pain experienced in a pap smear test can make your today bitter, but it makes your tomorrow sweeter and better!