Too much sad news, isn’t it?

So, now is the time to get good news!

And the good news is that the sad news is temporary!

Yes, covid-19 does reduce sperm count and affect fertility, but it is temporary! So, relax and don’t worry! No virus can stop you from receiving the biggest happiness of your life-your child! Yes, covid 19 can make the journey to reach your happiness a bit longer, but it can’t stop you from reaching your destination of happiness!

Dr. Shweta Shah, one of the best gynecologists in Mumbai, writes in this article that saying no to happiness today can bring happiness saying yes to you tomorrow!! By delaying pregnancy due to covid and postponing it is a wise decision. As fertility issues caused due to covid 19 is temporary! The sperm count gets normal with time, so tomorrow, you would surely get good news! Today is painful, but tomorrow is joyful! What happened if today you aren’t able to fulfill your dream of giving birth to a baby! Tomorrow your dream will get fulfilled! Better late than never! And after all, happiness received late is sweeter and greater, isn’t it?

But how does covid 19 impact sperm count?

In response to the virus, the body temperature rises, potentially causing a blood-testis barrier – an immune barrier that allows pathogens to enter the male reproductive tract. This may have an impact on the patient’s ability to reproduce. In males, an increased immune response in the testis can impair sperm count and temporarily reduce sperm quality. In addition, Covid-19 causes a fever in individuals, which lowers their sperm count. One more factor that links Covid 19 to low sperm count is stress and depression. Stress and anxiety are the bridge that connects covid 19 and pregnancy. The covid 19 viruses have led to the birth of another bigger and more dangerous virus called anxiety. Anxiety affects the fertility rate and reduces sperm count. Thus, it is one of the biggest obstacles to pregnancy. Anxiety also affects sexual desires. 

But all this is temporary! With time, sperm count improves! So, there is no need to panic! 

Not only covid 19, but other viral infections such as Hepatitis C, HIV, Ebola also affected fertility and caused low sperm count.

It is also observed that males with severe covid are at a higher risk of suffering from fertility issues. 

But one can prevent fertility problems by preventing the cause of the problem that is Covid-19. To prevent getting infected from Covid-19, it is advisable to take the following precautions-

  • Wear mask.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible. Go out only when necessary.
  • Improve your immune system by including healthier foods in your diet.
  • Get vaccinated.

One can also stay away from the ill-effects of Covid-19 and boost their sperm count in the following ways-

Regular exercise

Lack of physical activity leads to low sperm count and affects the fertility rate. It also lowers the quality of sperm. Regular exercising, on the other hand, boosts sperm count and protects one from deadly diseases and infections by increasing one’s immunity.

Manage stress

As mentioned earlier, stress is one of the major factors contributing to low sperm count. And the covid-19 virus has led to an increase in stress levels, thus leading to low sperm count. Thus, it is advisable to manage stress for improved fertility. One can manage stress by doing yoga and meditation or by engaging in activities of their choice.

Make lifestyle changes

Making lifestyle changes such as getting proper sleep and avoiding smoking and alcohol can help in boosting your fertility as well as protect you from perilous diseases and infections.


Covid-19 is a fatal virus. It has not only had an adverse impact on our health and financial condition, but it has also had an adverse impact on our biggest happiness- the happiness of giving birth to our baby! It is an obstacle in the journey of pregnancy! But it is a temporary obstacle! One can overcome this obstacle with time and successfully reach their destination of happiness- the destination where one becomes a parent to their beautiful angel!

Remember, sad times do not stay for long! After every sad day comes a glad day!

So, do not fear hard times. Instead, face and defeat them to have a better and beautiful tomorrow!

And you can defeat the hard times in the form of Covid-19 and win the biggest joy of your life- your baby by staying safe!

Stay home, stay safe!