Usually, the solution lies in the cause of the problem.

But what if the cause is unknown?

Isn’t there a solution for such problems?

Nothing is impossible. As all are aware, even the word ‘Impossible’ says ‘I’m possible!

So, if someone has unexplained infertility, can it be treated? Can someone get pregnant even when the cause of infertility is unknown?

Well, nothing goes in trying, right?

Trying is better than not trying because when one tries at least the probability to succeed is more than the probability to succeed when one does not try at all (0%). So, if you have an unexplained infertility issue, it is advisable to visit the best gynecologist in Mumbai to seek a solution to your problem. This article discusses the treatment options one can try in case of unexplained infertility.

What are the treatment options available in Mumbai for treating unexplained infertility?

The best gynecologist doctor in Mumbai will suggest the following treatment options to treat unexplained infertility.

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Try it yourself
  • IUI
  • IVF treatment

Let’s now discuss each of the above treatment options in detail-

Lifestyle changes

By bringing about certain positive changes in our lifestyle, we can boost our fertility rates.

Is there a 100% guarantee?

What’s the harm in trying! There is nothing to lose. There is a 100% guarantee that bringing about positive lifestyle changes can lead to beneficial results and enhance our overall health and can never lead to any harm.

What lifestyle changes can help to treat unexplained infertility?

The best gynecologist in Mumbai will suggest you make the following changes in your lifestyle to boost your fertility rates-

  • Reduce weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Limit the intake of beverages that contain caffeine
  • Avoid stress

Try It Yourself

As the saying goes,” God helps those who help themselves”. So, first, keep trying to conceive on your own.

But for how long?

It is not advisable to try on your own to conceive for a long time. As infertility issues can worsen over time if left untreated. So, after you are diagnosed with unexplained infertility, it is advisable to seek treatment from the best gynecologist doctor in Mumbai.


IUI and fertility drugs are one option you can try to treat your unexplained infertility. It is advisable to visit the best gynecologist in Mumbai for IUI treatment. Clomid with IUI is preferable over IUI with gonadotropins. IUI with gonadotropins is expensive.

How many IUI cycles should one try?

It depends on one’s age and whether one is ready for an IVF treatment if IUI treatment is unsuccessful.

If you are ready for an IVF treatment, 3 IUI cycles with Clomid would be a decent number to go for before getting an IVF treatment done by the best gynecologist doctor in Mumbai. If you are not planning for an IVF treatment, then 9 cycles of IUI with fertility drugs is suggested.


Are you having an unexplained infertility issue? Is it stopping you from getting good news?

Then there’s good news! That you too can get good news!


Through IVF treatment! IVF is an effective solution to treat unexplained infertility problems. The success rate of IVF treatment is high. It is higher than the success rate of IUI with Clomid. But it is still advisable to go for IUI with Clomid first before going for IVF treatment. But if you are of higher age, you can directly go for IVF treatment in Mumbai.

Sometimes, through IVF treatment your doctor in Mumbai can get to know the unknown cause of infertility. In IVF, the quality of the egg and the process of fertilization is closely observed by your specialist in Mumbai. But as it is said that nothing is 100% perfect in this world. Even IVF procedure has certain demerits. And one such demerit of IVF treatment is that it is a very costly procedure. But after all, there is no gain without pain! You are spending a big amount of money but in return earning the biggest joy of your life-your child!


Nothing is impossible! Even unexplained infertility can be treated by seeking help from the best gynecologist in Mumbai. Even when the cause of the problem cannot be found, the solution can be found! Also, the joy of your life-your child you can find without finding the cause of your infertility!

So, don’t give up on your dream of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child!

Don’t lose hope!

Even without seeking an answer to the question “What is the cause of my infertility?”, you can seek the answer! Lifestyle changes, IUI and IVF treatment, and fertility drugs are the answer! Even without finding an answer to your cause of infertility, you can find your dream, you can find your joy, you can find your child!

Even without getting any news on the cause of your infertility, it is possible to get good news!