Normal Delivery in Malad, Mumbai

Normal Delivery

Dr. Shweta Shah, one of the best gynecologist doctor in Mumbai, has significant abilities and over ten years of experience performing normal deliveries. She intends to deliver the baby and mother safely through normal delivery.

Normal delivery is when a baby is born naturally by the mother without any medical intervention.


Stages of Normal Delivery


1. The initial stage

Effacement of the cervix and labour 


Contractions assist the cervix in dilating, softening, and stretching to birth the baby during the initial stage of the typical delivery process. This is the most time-consuming stage, which can last up to 13 hours for a woman's first delivery and 7-8 hours for future deliveries.


There are three sub-stages in this initial stage:


Early labor: The mother notices her contractions, which come every 3 to 5 minutes. The cervix dilates to a maximum of 4 centimetres. The mother can stay at home during the early stages of labor. But the doctor should be informed.


Active labor: When the mother's contractions get stronger and more frequent, she enters the active phase of labor. They happen every 3-4 minutes or so, and each one lasts approximately a minute.

The cervix can dilate up to 7 centimetres. The mother must be transported to the hospital to give birth. As labor progresses through this stage, the water breaks. After that, contractions accelerate even more.


Transition Phase: This is the most painful phase as the cervix expands to its maximum size, around ten cm. Strong, painful contractions occur every 2-3 minutes, lasting 60 to 90 seconds each.


2. Second stage 

Pushing & birth of the baby


After the cervix has fully dilated, this stage begins. The baby's head is still pushing its way into the birth canal, thanks to strong contractions. Every contraction requires the mother to push, and she may become exhausted. 

As the baby exits the womb, she may endure excruciating pain around the vaginal entrance. The doctor may elect to create an incision (episiotomy) to expand the vaginal opening and make it simpler for the baby to emerge at this point. The mother must continue to exert pressure until the baby is born.


3. Third stage

Placenta is expelled


The whole placenta is pushed out via the vaginal canal during the 'afterbirth,' the final stage of normal childbirth. The placenta might be delivered anywhere from some minutes to nearly an hour after the infant is born. Physically massaging the lower abdomen may help with the procedure.

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