Menstrual Pain

Causes and Treatments for Painful Menstrual Periods

Shweta Shah
Created on 31st Dec, 21

People with primary dysmenorrhea report pain before and during menstruation. It could be secondary dysmenorrhea if you have always had regular periods that have gotten painful later in life. This could be caused by a disorder that affects the uterus or other pelvic organs, such as uterine fibroid's or endometriosis.

Uterine Fibroid's

Know the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments for Uterine Fibroid's

Shweta Shah
Created on 27th Dec, 21

Dr. Shweta Shah, a gynecologist in Malad, Mumbai, has over ten years of experience treating a wide range of gynecologic diseases, including diagnosing and treating uterine fibroids. You should schedule a consultation with her if you are experiencing symptoms or feel that you could be at risk.


Menopause: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment| Dr. Shweta Shah.

Shweta Shah
Created on 4th Dec, 21

Dr. Shweta Shah is one of the best Gynaecologists and Obstetricians in Malad, Mumbai. For a consultation, contact 9769888955.


Treat Heavy Bleeding & Get Your Life Back

Shweta Shah
Created on 18th Nov, 21

Are heavy periods controlling your life? Then now is the time to escape the cage of periods and heavy bleeding and walk on the path of freedom and enjoyment! Now is the time to live your life to the fullest and not allow periods to be a curse in your life and ruin your life! Now is the time to have pain-free periods and do all the activities you would have done if you didn't have periods! You can do this by visiting the top gynecologist in Malad to treat heavy bleeding.

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms and Causes

Shweta Shah
Created on 25th Oct, 21

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs within or on the surface of the ovary. The major tasks of the ovaries, which are part of the female reproductive system, are to create eggs and hormones like progesterone and oestrogen. Ovarian cysts can be addressed by going to the top gynaecologist expert in Malad, Mumbai.

PCOD Awareness Month

PCOD - All you need to Know

Shweta Shah
Created on 18th Sep, 21

PCOD is a condition in which women produce excess male hormones called androgens. September is dedicated to the condition called PCOD. It is the PCOD awareness month. Okay, but why an entire month dedicated to PCOD?

Source -

Covid-19 May Affect Sperm Count Among Patients | Dr. Shweta Shah

Shweta Shah
Created on 5th Aug, 21

Covid-19 has had a negative impact on all aspects of our life. The deadly virus has not only had an impact on our health, wealth, and happiness but it has also had an impact on one's pregnancy. Yes, covid-19 lowers the chances of pregnancy by decreasing the sperm count. It affects the process of spermatogenesis (formation of sperms). This leads to a low sperm count. So, covid-19 reduces the fertility rate. It is an obstacle to one's biggest happiness- the birth of their baby!

Pap Smear-All you Need to Know

Shweta Shah
Created on 22nd Jul, 21

A pap smear is a type of screening test used to detect cervical cancer. It aids in the detection of malignant cells on your cervix (opening of the uterus).

Covid Vaccination in Pregnant and Lactating Women | Dr. Shweta Shah

Covid Vaccination in Pregnant and Lactating Women | Dr. Shweta Shah

Shweta Shah
Created on 22nd Jul, 21

In this article, Dr. Shweta Shah, one of the best gynecologist in Mumbai, has provided information about what doctors advise for pregnant, breastfeeding, perimenopausal and menopausal women, and women with PCOS, and other conditions on getting the COVID-19 vaccines.

7 Things to avoid when trying to Conceive

7 Things to avoid when trying to Conceive

Shweta Shah
Created on 15th Jul, 21

As it is said behind a no there is a big yes- a big yes to your dream and joy of giving birth to a baby. A no can make your dreams a yes! Usually, actions are needed to get results! But in the case of pregnancy, no actions lead to results.

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