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  1. Is it possible to become pregnant by cleaning your vaginal area with a tissue that contains sperm during ovulation? The last period was from the 31st of January to the 4th of February, but there has been no period since then?

It’s not possible to get pregnant by whatever you have mentioned. Please do a urine pregnancy test over a kit that’s available in the chemist, if it’s negative, which is more probable, u need to undergo transvaginal sonography to see the reason why you aren't getting periods


2. Hello, I'm a 22-year-old girl who is sexually active and has vaginal itchiness, a strange discharge that looks like cottage cheese and is somewhat yellowish, as well as vaginal dryness. I also get discomfort during sex as a result of the dryness. Around 10-15 days ago, I had a urinary infection. In my vagina, I believe I have a bacterial or yeast infection. Please suggest some oral medications as well as a vaginal tube. Thanks.

You have a vaginal candiasis plus bacterial vaginosis. Take tab Fas3 kit all instructions on how to take the medicine are written on the kit itself Insert candid CL vaginal pessary in your vagina at night for 3 nights. Also, take tab fluconazole 150 mg every Sunday for 6 Sundays. For UTI u need to check urine routine microscopy test. Go to the lab, they will give u a sterile container. Wash your private parts with soap and water, separate your labial skin with your hand and let some amount of initial the report comes u start syp cital 2 caps in one glass of water three times a day. Also, take novefos Sachet 3 gm in one glass of water stat no further dose of this sachet. Also first let this infection settle then I will prescribe for vaginal dryness That kit has also to be taken by your partner and avoid intercourse till your infection settles.


3. I had a caesarian 18 months ago, but I haven't had my period since, and I took a home test, which came out positive. I don't want a baby right now, and I went to the doctor, but he told me that if you've had a cesarean, you only have one option: surgical abortion. And I'm looking for MTP. So, what should I do now? Please assist.

if u don’t want the pregnancy, we have to first do a sonography to see how many weeks your pregnancy is. The second of it's is in the range of medical termination then we can give u pills for the termination.

4. Hello doctor, I'm a 28-year-old married woman who has been trying to conceive for the past two years but has been unsuccessful. My period is irregular at times, and I've seen two doctors who have referred me for scans and tests. I've completed all of the tests and reports, and everything is normal in my reports, but I'm still not conceiving. Recently, I saw another doctor who told me that my infertility is due to my weight can you suggest what should I do now can I go for iui or take some other medication?

For doing IUI your fallopian tubes should be open. For checking Fallopian tubes we need to do a diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy that is putting a telescope in your abdomen from your belly button to check the outside of the uterus and the outer opening of Fallopian tubes. Also, we have to do a hysteroscopy that putting a telescope from your vaginal opening to see the inner lining and inner opening of the tube. If your tubes come out to be normal then u are a case of unexplained infertility means Sometimes there are no reasons for infertility provided your other reports sonography and husband reports are normal. Plus if u have too much weight u should also involve in a healthy diet and exercise. After doing all this u can go ahead with IUI. cos that is best for unexplained infertility It can be done for 4-5 cycles.

5. Hello, ma'am. Four years ago, I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. I'm 35 years old now. My hormonal profile is normal, as is my husband's sperm analysis. A fimbria end block was seen on HSG. What fertility alternatives should I consider?

So u only have one tube as another tube is removed. At 35 years of age, have u done an AMH level for yourself, also the antral follicle count on Sonography. Now Hsg is not an absolute report, its report is only 60% true cos the patient is conscious and it’s a painful procedure so the report can be false positive. The true status of the tube is best assessed by doing a diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy. It’s a daycare procedure wherein we have to put a telescope in your abdomen. It’s a daycare procedure wherein we have to put in a telescope in your abdomen

6. I had spotting for around 8 days and then missed my periods. It's been a week and my periods haven't arrived yet. I've taken pregnancy tests four times and they've all come back negative. Please help me figure out what's going on.

Date of last menstrual period. When was the last upt test done? Was any pills or tablet for preliminary or postponing periods ??? And also get one USG pelvis with endometrial thickness

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