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Q. What are the underlying causes of dysmenorrhea?

Asked anonymously   on 5th Jan, 22
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

dysmenorrhoea is of two types- Primary which has no cause & secondary which can be due to endometriosis, fibroids , Pelvic inflammatory disease  etc . 

Q. I am overweight and have hormonal disorder, how can individuals like me prevent development of Uterine fibroids?

Asked anonymously   on 21st Dec, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

Fibroids have a strong genetic and family history, so if you have your mother or siblings suffering from it, u are at a high risk

Second, if you have a hormonal imbalance, you need to correct it by visiting your gynaecologist. Also if you are overweight you need to shed that weight by exercise and a diet which is supervised by a nutritionist

Q. What routine checkups can i expect to undergo during my appointment with a gynecologist? and how often should i take them, like annually/monthly/quarterly/etc?

Asked anonymously   on 21st Dec, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

Routine gynaec check up depends upon the age of the patients and also on family history and past history

If you are sexually active it consists of doing a Pap smear test , it’s a screening test for cervical cancer , it’s a opd procedure, only thing is u should not be in your periods while going for this test

once very 3 years starting from 21 years till the age of 65 years

If u have a family history of breast , ovarian cancer in your maternal side  ( early cancers at age of 40 ) in your family , then genetic councelling and test for BRCA gene if postive an MRI of breast should be done breast self examination and and sono mammography should be done anually starting from 35 years

If there is no history then sonomamography anually beginning from 40 years of age

Also a per speculum examination should be done at first visit to look for any infection if you have a history of white discharge

Then if you are adolescent then sex education , menstural hygiene and if you are sexually active contraceptive counselling should be done

Q. Are there any complications that can arise during/after c-section?

Asked anonymously   on 13th Dec, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah


Complications can arise depending upon patient profile , anaesthesia related surgeon skill & related to surgery - intraoperative as well as postoperative

Q. Can women experience any health issues after menopause and for which they should start some treatment or incorporate lifestyle modifications?

Asked anonymously   on 6th Dec, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

1 yeah women can experience health issues after menopause

Depending upon the symptoms the treatments are adviced

Life style modification also helps like involving in some excercise , yoga and meditation each one of it has its own benefits

Also I advice all my menopausal patients to have calcium and vit D supplements

One home recipe is to mix three types of seeds which are easily available in market

Sesame ( black til )

Sunflower seeds

Flax seeds

Dry roast them and have one table spoon daily in morning and evening

The logic is too chew them as much as possible cos chewing causes some important oils to be released in the body which is very helpful in this menopausal time

Q. If i am a women in her late 40's and if i have already experienced menopause, then post this, is there any way i can conceive without depending on surrogacy? If yes, then what treatments can help me? I have read in news about women giving birth even in their 50-60's, thus wondering if i have that scope

Asked anonymously   on 6th Dec, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

 if your are in late 40 with menopause and you want to conceive

There is only one way which is not ethically acceptable to all

U need to go for donor eggs

All these donor women are below 30 and hence they have healthy eggs , so u can use their eggs and your husbands semen

This is the only way provided it’s acceptable to both of you as a couple

Q. My neighbor struggles a lot to feed her 4 months old baby because she's not able to lactate properly, what options does she has clinically, and otherwise what tips can she follow?

Asked anonymously   on 30th Nov, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

You can take fenugreek or methi ladoo Also tab metoclopromide 25 mg three times in a day for 5 days, you can also take help of a lactation consultant.


list of natural substances:




Brewer's Yeast

Brown rice




Green leafy vegetables


These are the list of natural substances that can increase the milk supply

Also the maximum milk production occurs at 5-6 months after delivery

Q. How can HIV be managed? and is there no cure?

Asked anonymously   on 30th Nov, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

HIV unfortunately has no cure

But it can be managed depending on the stage of HIV yore in.

Consult your physician for the same

Q. What are the causes and treatments for fibroids?

Asked anonymously   on 24th Nov, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

2 causes of fibroid's can be:

  1. Obesity
  2. Family history
  3. Nulliparous ( means did not bear children)


Treatment Depending upon the age and family status is completed or not the treatment is decided

Go through my blog on fibroid's


Treatment of fibroid's depend upon the age of the patients and whether or not their child bearing is complete

If the child bearing isn’t complete , the treatment is to preserve the uterus and remove the fibroid only and plan pregnancy after three months of surgery

If the family is complete , removal of uterus is a good option as these fibroid's tend to recur

Q. I tend to experience extremely heavy bleeding during menstruations, it has caused me to lose confidence during social events whenever i had periods and still does, please tell me if there are ways in which it can be treated?

Asked anonymously   on 24th Nov, 21
Team member of Dr. Shweta Shah

The reasons for heavy bleeding can be as per the age of the patient - Kindly let me know your age 

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