Stress And Fertility

Stress And Fertility - Is There A Connection?

Shweta Shah
Created on 24th Jun, 22

Not conceiving despite trying for more than a year can be stressful and disheartening. Please consult Dr. Shweta Shah, an eminent gynecologist in Malad, for treatment options. Tel: +91-7977126520, 9769888955.


PCOS V/S PCOD – What Is The difference?

Shweta Shah
Created on 22nd Jun, 22

Are you having trouble conceiving due to irregular menstrual cycles or lack of periods? Please consult Dr. Shweta Shah, a highly experienced gynecologist in Malad, to diagnose your condition and get effective treatment.

laparoscopic myomectomy.

All you need to know about laparoscopic myomectomy.

Shweta Shah
Created on 9th Jun, 22

Are you suffering from excessive bleeding during your menstrual cycle. It could be Fibroids. Consult Dr. Shweta Shah, the best Gynaecologist you will come across in Malad.

uterine fibroids

How Diet Can Help Manage Uterine Fibroids

Shweta Shah
Created on 27th May, 22

According to Dr. Shweta Shah, one of the best gynecologist and obstetrician in Malad, Mumbai, even if you require medical treatment, natural approaches such as diet, lifestyle modifications, and supplements may benefit. Dr. Shweta Shah offers advanced uterine fibroids treatment in Mumbai.

Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Know All About Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Shweta Shah
Created on 20th Apr, 22

Have you got the "good news"? Great, but wait! Before beginning the beautiful journey of pregnancy, it is essential to be aware of what happens during the pregnancy journey and learn about the most crucial step in the pregnancy journey- prenatal care to be well-prepared for the journey and make the pregnancy journey a smooth and anxiety-free one for you and to reach your desired destination of motherhood easily. So, let's begin the journey of awareness with Dr. Shweta Shah, the best gynecologist in Malad, to make our pregnancy journey the most beautiful one!

IUI Treatment

IUI Treatment in Mumbai- Everything You Need to Know

Shweta Shah
Created on 24th Mar, 22

Are you facing fertility problems and are unable to enjoy the beautiful phase of motherhood? Then visit Dr. Shweta Shah, the best gynecologist in Malad, now to walk the most effective journey to reach your dream of motherhood- the IUI treatment journey!


Exercises During Pregnancy

Shweta Shah
Created on 5th Feb, 22

Dr. Shweta Shah is one of the best gynecologist in Malad, Mumbai. She is an expert doctor in women's health. Extremely passionate about women's health, she has great success for numerous women patients with infertility, gynecological issues, and menopausal issues.

Ways to Deal with Nausea & Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Ways to Deal with Nausea & Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Shweta Shah
Created on 30th Jan, 22

Morning sickness is nothing to worry about as it is quite common, says Dr. Shweta Shah, a prominent female gynecologist in Malad, Mumbai. Around 80% of pregnant women have at least some symptoms. She states that symptoms might vary from mild nausea to frequent vomiting. The sudden surge in hormones in your body is most likely the reason for pregnancy nausea.

The Sensitive Side of Pediatric Gynecology

The Sensitive Side of Pediatric Gynecology

Shweta Shah
Created on 15th Jan, 22

In the age where children play 'doctor doctor' as a game, going to a doctor in real and that too for gynecological issues isn't easy, right? Most children in Mumbai go to a doctor because of external wounds or common cold, cough, and fever! Going to a doctor for gynecological issues is rare in Mumbai, which makes the matter more discomforting for kids living in Mumbai.


Know all everything about Gynecologic Laparoscopy

Shweta Shah
Created on 9th Jan, 22

A laparoscope is a light-emitting, thin telescope. It enables the doctor to see your internal organs. If you have endometriosis or fibroids, diagnostic laparoscopy can help figure out what's wrong. It can also be used as a treatment alternative. Dr. Shweta Shah can perform several procedures using miniature equipment.

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